The difference between embroidery and printing

Summary:The printing is to use the lace water-soluble embroidery machine to print various patterns on the embroidered fabric by ...
The printing is to use the lace water-soluble embroidery machine to print various patterns on the embroidered fabric by color, which generally appears on the bed sheets and quilt covers. The main methods are direct printing, discharge printing, and resist printing. With the development of technology, digital printing has appeared in the market. Compared with traditional printing technology, digital printing has the following advantages:

1) The production process of digital printing greatly shortens the original process route, the speed of receiving orders is fast, and the cost of proofing is greatly reduced.

2) The principle of digital printing technology makes its products break through the limitations of traditional production of color registration and flower length, and can make textile fabrics achieve high-grade printing effects.

3) The digital printing production truly realizes the production process of small batches and quick response, and the production batch is not subject to any restrictions.

4) The high-precision printing process makes it unnecessary to use water and color paste during the printing process. In fact, the printing is also divided into grades. Since it is too professional, I don't need to say more here.

Embroidery means that after the cloth is woven, the pattern is embroidered by machine (generally). Embroidery uses thinner threads to express the pattern in a certain direction. Most of them are single-sided embroidery. The size is relatively small. on a quilt or pillow. Compared with printing, it will not fade when washed. It has the characteristics of good breathability and moisture absorption. Although embroidery was famous in ancient times, and each region has its own embroidery characteristics and stitches. For example, Suzhou embroidery, Cantonese embroidery, Hunan embroidery and Shu embroidery are known as the "Four Famous Embroidery". But now most factories use computerized embroidery machines. After all, with the advancement of the industrial revolution, machines have basically replaced manual embroidery.

Computerized embroidery machine uses professional computerized embroidery software for computer programming to design patterns and stitch sequences, and finally achieve mass production of embroidery products. Computerized embroidery not only perfectly inherits traditional manual embroidery, but also solves the traditional problem. Hand embroidery cannot complete the current situation of mass production.

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